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Sports & Events Authority Grant Application

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    ***Application must be received no less than 45 days prior to the first day of the event***

    The many festivals, conventions, and sporting events hosted in the Mitchell area are an important aspect of the region’s tourism industry. The Mitchell SEA grant program is designed to assist event planners by providing funds for marketing, advertising, printing, and postage in the following categories:

    • Meetings: Conventions, meetings, retreats etc.
    • Sporting Events: Tournaments, competitions etc.
    • Festivals/Special Projects: Other events that generate overnight stays

    The grant exists to encourage tourism in the City of Mitchell or to fund area events that will have a significant impact on a business located in the City of Mitchell, specifically generating overnight stays and/or extending visitor stays at hotel or other lodging options, including camping, in the Mitchell area.

    Preference will be given to:

    1. New festivals, conventions/meetings, sporting events, and other events.
    2. Existing events showing an expanded focus for event/tourism growth. All events must project a positive image of the Mitchell area.

    The grant program is appropriated and administered to qualifying organizations by the Mitchell SEA on review by the SEA Advisory Committee. Applicants must provide all of the information requested and be in compliance with all criteria.

    Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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    Mitchell Sports & Events Authority • 612 N. Main Street 

    605-990-7942 •

    The Mitchell Sports & Events Authority is a committee of the City of Mitchell.

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