City Council Agenda
City Council Chambers, City Hall, 612 N. Main Street
May 16, 2022


6:00 p.m. Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Invocation: Grace Reformed


Roll Call


Approval of Consent Agenda Items

Items appearing on the Consent Agenda may be removed by a City Council Member for discussion at the beginning of the formal agenda items.

City Council Minutes


Committee Reports


Raffle Permits

Mitchell Regional Habitat for Humanity with the drawing to be held on June 3, 2022

Mitchell Heart & Sole Cancer Walk/Run with the drawing to be  held on June 17, 2022


Special Event Permit for Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo Parade July 16, 2022

  • Road Closure
  • Parade Permit ($50)
  • Noise Permit

Set date for hearings on June 6, 2022 for the following Alcohol Licenses

On the application of 2nd & Lawler dba Main St. Mercantile, 615 North Main, Mitchell for a new Retail (On-Off Sale) Malt Beverage & SD Farm Wine (does not include video lottery) Effective July 1, 2022

 On the application of  2nd & Lawler dba Main St. Mercantile, 615 North Main, Mitchell for a new Retail (On-Off Sale) Wine and Cider (does not include video lottery) Effective July 1, 2022


Set Date 1:30 P.M., May 19, 2022 for Nuisance Mowing Project #2022-43


Set Date 1:30 P.M., May 26, 2022 for Bid Opening for Paving & Overlay Project #2022-15


Approve Bills, Payroll, Salary Adjustments and New Employee Hires and Authorize Payment of Recurring and Other Expenses in Advance as Approved by the Finance Officer


Motion to Approve, Request Public Comment, Roll Call


Citizens Input

If you need to address the Mayor and members of the City Council on an item that was not on the agenda, excluding personnel items, please come forward to the podium and state your name and your concern.  Presentations are limited to three minutes.  Items will be considered but no action will be taken at this time.

BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT: Entertain a motion for the City Council to recess and sit as the Board of Adjustment


Action To Set Date For Board of Adjustment Hearing 6-6-22

Tara Volesky has applied for a front yard setback variance of 19’ vs 25’ for a front porch addition; located at 409 E 7th Ave, legally described as Lot 4, Block 4, Burrs Addition, City of Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota. The said real property is zoned R2 Single Family Residential District.


RECONVENE AS CITY COUNCIL: Entertain a motion for the Board of Adjustment to adjourn and the City Council to reconvene in regular session


Action To Approve Applications For Renewal Of Malt Beverage Licenses


Action to Approve Special Event Permit for the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo Community Kickoff July 12, 2022

  • Parking Lot Closure
  • Consumption Permit ($500)

Action to approve request by Mitchell Area Housing Inc (M.A.H.I.) for the City of Mitchell to waive two nuisance property abatement assessments


Action to Approve Request for Release of Easement in Woods 1st Addition, Block 2, Lots 9 and 10


Action to Approve quote for 223 North Main Windows Project #2022-24


Action to Approve Agreement #A2022-22, Public Safety Maintenance Contract


Action to Approve Agreement #A2022-23, Lake Mitchell Restoration Phase II Project #2021-20 with Barr Engineering


Action to Approve Resolution #R2022-25, Appointment of Mayor Everson as Applicant Agent for Hazard Mitigation Grant DR-4527


Action to Approve Resolution #R2022-26, Plat of Lots 2A and 2B of Rocky Todd Addition, a Subdivision of Lot 12A-3 in the SW 1/4 of Section 10, T 103 N, R 60 W of the 5th P.M., City of Mitchell, Davison County South Dakota; as requested by Todd Boyd


Action to Approve Resolution #R2022-27, Plat of Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, Block 1 of Stardust Subdivision, City of Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota; as requested by Jensen Capital and Development LLC


Public Hearing for the Mitchell Waste Water Treatment Facility Headworks and Equalization Basin, and the Implementation of Non-Point Source Measures


Executive session according to 1-25-2 (1) Personnel and (3) legal.




FOR COUNCIL INFORMATION: Planning Commission Unsigned Minutes 5-9-22

Individuals with disabilities who require special assistance to take part in this meeting may contact one of the following at City Hall (605) 995-8420 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting with requests for assistance: Human Resources Officer or the City Administrator.