City Council Agenda
City Council Chambers, City Hall, 612 N. Main Street
January 21, 2020


6:00 p.m. Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Invocation: First United Methodist


Roll Call


Executive Session: Motion to enter into executive session in accordance with SDCL 1-25-2 (3) legal and (4) Negotiations.


Approval of Consent Agenda Items

Items appearing on the Consent Agenda may be removed by a City Council Member for discussion at the beginning of the formal agenda items.

City Council Minutes


Committee Meeting Minutes


Raffle Permits

Life Quest/Dancing 4 Dreams Event with the drawing to be held on March 20, 2020
American Legion Post #18 with the drawing to be held on April 29, 2020
Pheasant Forever with the drawing to be held on October 16, 2020

Set Bid Opening date of 1:30 P.M., February 6, 2020 for Trap and Remove Minnows from the City of Mitchell Waste Water Lagoon (3 year lease) City Project #2020-18


Volunteer Board Appointment

  • Appoint Shawn Erickson to the Park & Recreation Board to fill an unexpired term to run January 2020-July 2021.

Approval of Gas and Fuel Quotations


Approve Bills, Payroll, Salary Adjustments and New Employee Hires and Authorize Payment of Recurring and Other Expenses in Advance as Approved by the Finance Officer


Motion to Approve, Request Public Comment, Roll Call


Citizens Input

If you need to address the Mayor and members of the City Council on an item that was not on the agenda, excluding personnel items, please come forward to the podium and state your name and your concern.  Presentations are limited to three minutes.  Items will be considered but no action will be taken at this time.

Request to waive tipping fees for approximately 450-500 ton of materials in the Mitchell Area Landfill.

  • The City has received a request from the Holy Family Church to waive the tipping fees for the demolition of the Knights of Columbus Hall & Auditorium on Kimball street.  The demolition is estimated to be approximately 450-500 tons with an estimated cost impact of $20,000 in lost revenue.

Hearing and Action on the application to transfer RB-2842 Retail (On-Off Sale) Malt Beverage License from I-90 Fuel Services Inc, DBA I-90 Travel Plaza #101, 1821 S Burr St, Suite A, Mitchell to Holiday Stationstore #490, 1821 S Burr St, Mitchell


BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT: Entertain a motion for the City Council to recess and sit as the Board of Adjustment


Hearing and Action on Darren, Devon and Dustin Long, 520 S Rowley

Darren, Devon, and Dustin Long have applied for a height variance of 28' vs 22' and a side-yard on a corner variance of 2' vs 20' for construction of an addition to the existing building located at 520 S Rowley legally described as Lots 7, 8, 9, Block 9, Van Eps 1st Addition, City of Mitchell, South Dakota. The property is zoned R3 Medium Density Residential District.    


Hearing and Action on Alexis Jennings, 1309 E 5th Ave

Alexis Jennings has applied for a conditional use permit to operate a family residential child care business at the property located at 1309 E 5th  Ave, legally described as Lot 4, Block 1, Bridle Acres Addition,  City of Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota. The property is zoned R2 Single Family Residential District.


RECONVENE AS CITY COUNCIL: Entertain a motion for the Board of Adjustment to adjourn and the City Council to reconvene in regular session


Discussion on Waste Water Collection Study Report by Camden Hofer of SPN & Associates


Action to table decision on one-way streets to April 6, 2020 City Council Meeting

  • The decision will be tabled to a future meeting date due to the current winter road conditions not allowing for streets to be repainted until spring.

Action To Approve Agreement #A2020-03, GeoComm Dispatch Mapping Software


Action to Approve Agreement #A2020-04, Contract with L.L. Jirsa, Architect for Professional Services for Roof Replacement at the Public Safety Building Project #2020-16


Action To Approve Agreement #A2020-06, Equitable Sharing Agreement & Certification


Action to Approve Agreement #A2020-07, A Solid Waste Management Program Grant for the Landfill Compactor Purchase


Action to Approve Agreement #A2020-08, A Solid Waste Management Program Grant Agreement


Action to Approve the purchase of Dumpsters for Recycling Project #2020-6D


Action on Resolution #R2020-04, Vacation of the north-south alley within Block 24, M.H. Rowley's 2nd Addition, City of Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota


First Reading on Ordinance #O2020-01, Establishing Airport Ramp Regulations




FOR COUNCIL INFORMATION: City Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 1/13/2020

Individuals with disabilities who require special assistance to take part in this meeting may contact one of the following at City Hall (605) 995-8420 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting with requests for assistance: Human Resources Officer, Finance Officer, Public Works Director, or City Administrator.