City Council Agenda
City Council Chambers, City Hall, 612 N. Main Street
January 19, 2021


6:00 p.m. Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Invocation: First United Methodist


Roll Call


Update from Avera


Action to Approve Resolution #R2020-83, Amending the Termination Date of Ordinance #O2020-13

  • Those wishing to comment on this item need to do so in person, no online comments will be taken.
  • Comments will be limited to three minutes.

Administer Oath to City Department Heads

  • Mike Koster as Chief of Police for the City of Mitchell
  • Marius Laursen as Chief of Fire & EMS for the City of Mitchell

Approval of Consent Agenda Items

Items appearing on the Consent Agenda may be removed by a City Council Member for discussion at the beginning of the formal agenda items.

City Council Minutes


Committee Reports


Acceptance of Grant Funds from State Historical Society Deadwood Grant


Approval of Volunteer Board Appointments

  • Larry Jirsa to the Main Street Bid Board for a term to run January 1, 2021- December 31, 2023.
  • Matt Doerr to the Main Street Bid Board for a term to run January 1, 2021- December 31, 2023.
  • Jacob Sonne to the Planning & Zoning Board to fill an unexpired term from January 2021- June 30, 2024.

Raffle Permits

Mitchell Friends of NRA with the drawing to be held on June 1, 2021
VFW/Sam Tronnes Foundation with the drawing to be held on July 1, 2021 or when all raffles are sold
Friends of NRA (Mitchell) with the drawing to be held on September 11, 2021

Set date for hearing on February 1, 2021 for the following Alcohol License

On the application to transfer Retail (On-Off Sale) Malt Beverage & SD Farm Wine License RB-25873 from I Mart Stores LLC dba I Mart Stores USA, 512 Sanborn Blvd. Mitchell to IYS Ventures LLC dba I Mart Stores, 512 S Sanborn, Mitchell

Set Date 1:30 P.M., February 3, 2021 for Bid Opening for Asphalt/Concrete Crushing Project #2021-9


Approval of Gasoline & Fuel Quotes


Approve Bills, Payroll, Salary Adjustments and New Employee Hires and Authorize Payment of Recurring and Other Expenses in Advance as Approved by the Finance Officer


Motion to Approve, Request Public Comment, Roll Call


Citizens Input

If you need to address the Mayor and members of the City Council on an item that was not on the agenda, excluding personnel items, please come forward to the podium and state your name and your concern.  Presentations are limited to three minutes.  Items will be considered but no action will be taken at this time.

BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT: Entertain a motion for the City Council to recess and sit as the Board of Adjustment


Hearing and Action for Pat Clark, 421 E Hanson Ave

Patrick Clark has applied for a side-yard on a corner variance of 11 feet vs 20 feet as required for construction of a deck at 421 E Hanson Ave, legally described as Lots 1, Block 46, Lawler’s 1st Addition, City of Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota.  The said real property is zoned R2 Single Family Residential District.

Action to Set Date For Board of Adjustment Hearing 2-1-2021

Applicant Firesteel Capital LLC, owner Fredericksen Motels LLC have applied for a Conditional Use Permit to convert the buildings (Corn Palace Inn) to multi-family dwellings located at 1001 S Burr St, legally described as Weavers Squares Addition (NW ¼ 27), Squares 11 & 14 & vacated Ivy Ave and W 25 feet of vacated Burr St and Lot AB1, City of Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota.  The said real property is zoned HB Highway Oriented Business District.

RECONVENE AS CITY COUNCIL: Entertain a motion for the Board of Adjustment to adjourn and the City Council to reconvene in regular session


Authorization for 2021 Contingency Funds in the amount of $100,000 for the Replacement of Golf Carts


Action to Approve 15 Minute Parking on North Side of East 4th by Courthouse


Approve Resolution #R2021-01 for Anthony Avenue Assessment Declaring the Necessity For The Construction of Base Course, Asphalt Paving, Storm Sewer, Sanitary Sewer and Accessories, Engineering Fees, and Miscellaneous Expenses


Action to Approve Resolution #R2021-04, A Plat of Lot 8-I, Block 7 of Westwood First Addition, A Subdivision of the SW 1/4 of Section 16, T 103 N, R 60 W of the 5th P.M., City of Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota




FOR COUNCIL INFORMATION: 1/11/2021 City Planning Commission Minutes

Individuals with disabilities who require special assistance to take part in this meeting may contact one of the following at City Hall (605) 995-8420 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting with requests for assistance: Human Resources Officer or the City Administrator.