Adult Cover Page (1920 x 540 px)


  • All titles must be read after the start of the challenge
  • Each property is a challenge 
  • When a challenge is complete, mark it off with one of the included house stickers
  • The 500 and 750-page properties are one entry each
  • The four corners are decorative
  • Boards must be returned to the library by March 20th for valid entry

Full Bookopoly Board and Rules

Book lists

The following book lists give example titles that would be eligible for the challenges in their respective property set color. Use the tabs to switch between property colors to see what titles would be eligible. The lists are a small sample of what could be used for that challenge.


To complete the event properties on the board please see the events calendar on the Adult Services page or the full calendar on the main library page. You'll be given a special hotel sticker when you attend an event and present your game board.

  1. Pink
  2. Orange
  3. Green
  4. Dark Blue

Takes Place in a South Dakota Town

61 Hours Opens in new window61 Hours

by Lee Child
Nearly Departed Opens in new windowNearly Departed in Deadwood

by Anne Charles

Dead AirDead Air

by J.J. Gould
Land that Moves Opens in new windowLand that Moves, Land that Stands Still

by Kent Nelson

Meadowlark Opens in new windowMeadowlark

by Dawn Wink
Oath Opens in new windowThe Oath of the Secret Pearl

by Lois Swanson
Odd is LeftOdd is Left

by Michael Frederick

Written by a South Dakota Author

Merciless Opens in new windowMerciless

by Lori Armstrong
Jackrabbit Opens in new windowDance of the Winnebagos

by Ann Charles
Speed of LightThe Speed of Light

by Elissa Grossell Dickey
In the Shadow of Dora Opens in new windowIn the Shadow of Dora

by Patrick Hicks
Lots Return Opens in new windowLot's Return to Sodom

by Sandra Brannan
Twisted Tree Opens in new windowTwisted Tree

by Kent Meyers
Leave Takers Opens in new windowThe Leave-Takers

by Steve Wingate

Mentions South Dakota History

Black Elk Opens in new windowBlack Elk Peak

by Bradley D. Saum
Calvin CoolidgeCalvin Coolidge in the Black Hills

by Seth Tupper
Seasons of the Coyote Opens in new windowSeasons of the Coyote

by Jerry Wilson
Lakota Sioux Opens in new windowLakota Sioux Missions

by Janice Brozik Cerney
Sioux In South DakotaThe Sioux in South Dakota History

Edited by Richard L. Clow
South Dakota WineSouth Dakota Wine: a Fruitful History

by Denise DePaolo