New Adult Titles 9/06/2022 to 9/20/2022



Fic Al415g 2022

Good intentions : a novel

Ali, Kasim,

Fic Al544p 2022

Pay dirt road

Allen, Samantha Jayne,

Fic B532l 2022

Last dance on the starlight pier

Bird, Sarah,

Fic B4435h 2022

Hope and Glory : a novel

Benson, Jendella,

Fic C279s 2022

Sweetwater and the witch

Castle, Jayne,

Fic C681c 2022

Christmas at the Cupcake Café : a novel

Colgan, Jenny,

Fic C681r 2009

Rules at the school by the sea

Colgan, Jenny,

Fic C681w 2022

Welcome to the School by the Sea

Colgan, Jenny,

Fic C825n 2022

Beneath Northern Lights ; Uncertain Spring : Northerner Shore Intrigue Duet

Cote, Lyn,

Fic C2451b 2022

Between the devil and the deep blue sea : a novel

Carter, André Lewis,

Fic D532t 2022

The temps

DeYoung, Andrew,

Fic D3605c 2022

Comeuppance served cold

Deeds, Marion,

Fic F831a 2022

A lullaby for witches

Fox, Hester,

Fic G859l 2017

Less : a novel

Greer, Andrew Sean,

Fic J599c 2022


Johansen, Iris,

Fic K587f 2022

Fairy tale : a novel

King, Stephen,

Fic L946c 2022

Can't look away

Lovering, Carola,

Fic L973r 2022

Robert B. Parker's fallout : a Jesse Stone novel

Lupica, Mike,

Fic M66c 2022


Mina, Denise,

Fic M358m 2022

Mercury Pictures presents : a novel

Marra, Anthony,

Fic M582t 2022

Tick tock

Michaels, Fern,

Fic M626o 2022

Oath of loyalty : a Mitch Rapp novel

Mills, Kyle,

Fic M672l 2022

The last to vanish : a novel

Miranda, Megan,

Fic M767a 2022

Acts of Violet

Montimore, Margarita,

Fic M786f 2022

Firestorm : a novel

Moore, Taylor,

Fic M4599d 2022

Daughter of Redwinter

McDonald, Ed

Fic M4599p 2022

Please join us : a novel

McKenzie, Catherine,

Fic N192n 2022

Neruda on the park : a novel

Natera, Cleyvis,

Fic Oa8b 2022


Oates, Joyce Carol,

Fic P277b 2022


Patterson, James,

Fic P429t 2022

A truth to lie for

Perry, Anne,

Fic P8719i 2022

In a garden burning gold

Power, Rory,

Fic Q4w 2022

When she dreams

Quick, Amanda,

Fic R272c 2022

Carrie Soto is back : a novel

Reid, Taylor Jenkins,

Fic R333s 2022

The swell

Reynolds, Allie,

Fic R456s 2022

Sister mother warrior : a novel

Riley, Vanessa,

Fic R532d 2022

Desperation in death

Robb, J. D.,

Fic R532g 2022

The girl from Guernica

Robards, Karen,

Fic R575w 2022

When you are mine : a novel

Robotham, Michael,

Fic R578s 2022

Sister friends forever : a novel

Roby, Kimberla Lawson,

Fic R655k 2022

Kingdom of bones : a thriller

Rollins, James,

Fic Sh64y 2022

You have a friend in 10A

Shipstead, Maggie,

Fic Sp26d 2022

Dreamland : a novel

Sparks, Nicholas,

Fic St246h 2022

Happy for you

Stanford, Claire,

Fic St421r 2020

The resting place

Sten, Camilla,

Fic St826t 2022

This time tomorrow

Straub, Emma,

Fic St865m 2022

Memphis : a novel

Stringfellow, Tara M.,

Fic T39r 2022

Rising tiger : a thriller

Thor, Brad,

Fic T734g 2022

The good left undone : a novel

Trigiani, Adriana,

Fic V85s 2022

Siren queen

Vo, Nghi,

Fic W67l 2022

The lost summers of Newport : a novel

Williams, Beatriz,

Fic W155o 2021

Our kind of people

Wallace, Carol,

Fic W255s 2022


Warren, Susan May,

Fic W317l 2022

Liarmouth : a feel-bad romance

Waters, John,

Fic W733s 2022

A sunlit weapon : a Maisie Dobbs novel

Winspear, Jacqueline,

Fic W9317b 2022

Black cloud rising : a novel

Wright Faladé, David,

Fic W52047h 2022

Home or away

West, Kathleen,

Fic Z612f 2022

Four treasures of the sky

Zhang, Jenny Tinghui,





M C463m 2022

Marple : twelve new stories

Christie, Agatha,

M D297p 2022

Persian Blue Puzzle

Davis, Susan Page,

M M124s 2022

A song of comfortable chairs

McCall Smith, Alexander,

M M421j 2021

The jigsaw man : a novel

Matheson, Nadine,

M M5752d 2022

The dark flood

Meyer, Deon,

M M9929d 2022

Death by tart attack

Myers, Tamar,

M W379k 2022

The key to deceit

Weaver, Ashley,





SF C355p 2022

A prayer for the Crown-Shy

Chambers, Becky,

SF J564p 2022

The spear cuts through water

Jimenez, Simon,

SF M72c 2022


Modesitt, L. E.,

SF M896n 2022

Nona the ninth

Muir, Tamsyn,

SF R7961t 2022

A taste of gold and iron

Rowland, Alexandra,

SF Z13i 2022

The Icarus plot

Zahn, Timothy,





W J659s 2022

Settling his hash

Johnstone, William W.,





Rom Fic Ar543a 2022

The American roommate experiment

Armas, Elena,

Rom Fic B993a 2022

All in good time : an Amish romance

Byler, Linda,

Rom Fic B993l 2022

Love conquers all : an Amish Chriatmas romance

Byler, Linda,

Rom Fic F958s 2022

Sold on love

Fuller, Kathleen,

Rom Fic G946d 2022

Drunk on love

Guillory, Jasmine,

Rom Fic H14h 2022

Husband material

Hall, Alexis J.,

Rom Fic H916m 2022

Mulberry Hollow

Hunter, Denise,

Rom Fic L8642a 2022

After hours on Milagro Street

Lopez, Angelina M.,

Rom Fic L9518r 2022

The runaway duchess

Lowell, Joanna,

Rom Fic M522t 2022

Twice a quinceañera

Méndez, Yamile Saied,

Rom Fic T339a 2022

All is bright

Thayne, RaeAnne,

Rom Fic W119t 2022

Turn to me

Wade, Becky,

Rom. Fic M612w 2022

What might have been

Miller, Holly,





428.2 J829r 2022

Rebel with a clause : tales and tips from a roving grammarian

Jovin, Ellen,

616.890 L5782r 2022

Radical love : learning to accept yourself and others

Levi, Zachary,

636.100 L569r 2021

The ride of her life : the true story of a woman, her horse, and their last-chance journey across America

Letts, Elizabeth,


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