Planning and Zoning

This division of Public Works is responsible for planning and zoning compliance and assistance with things such as variances, conditional uses, rezoning, and sign permits.

Planning Commission Members

  • Jay Larson
  • Kevin Genzlinger
  •  Jon Osterloo
  • Craig Fergen
  • Mark Vaux
  • Lary Jirsa
  • Doug Molumby
  • Dan Allen Ex Officio
A building permit (14220) was issued on September 5, 2019, for Parcel ID 15590-02400-001-00 and 15590-02400-013-00 
(Bechen Electric) for which a drainage plan was required, submitted, and approved.
Neil Putnam administers the planning and zoning department. He is the initial contact for development and subdivision of property within the city and its area of extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Neil has extensive experience in government services. He is a member of the S.D. Planners Association, Mitchell Historical Preservation Commission, American Planners Association, Western Planners Resources, and the City's representative of the committee of Planning and Development District III.
He has a bachelor's degree from Northern State University in Aberdeen, S.D. with majors in political science and sociology. He has been with the city since February 1998. Prior to that, he was Davison County Equalization Director.