Children's Library Services

Welcome Young Readers!

Here's what you can do in Fall...

October (beginning the week of Oct. 5).
Go for a "Storywalk" in downtown Mitchell. As you walk from store to store, you'll be able read the pages of Snowmen at Halloween, by Caralyn Buehner.

Thursday, Oct. 29
Take part in "Read for the Record," a global program that encourages kids from all over the world to read the same book on the same day.  Ms. Jean will read the book Evelyn Del Rey is Moving Away, by Meg Medina, on Facebook Live. (Times to be announced.)

Online Thursday Storytime - Thurs. 10:30-10:50am on Facebook Live
After-school Fun Day Friday - Fri. 4:00pm on Facebook Live
Fun with Gilly & Ms. Jean -  Mon-Fri. 12:30-12:40pm on Facebook Live

Fun with Gilly & Ms. Jean Schedule:
Favorite Mondays
- Send Ms. Jean the name of your favorite picture book & she'll try to read it online.
Art & Science Tuesdays
- Fun demonstrations of art or science
Wordplay Wednesday
- Questions, poems, and tongue-twisters. Send your ideas!
Double Thursday
- Ms. Jean reads the story from Online Thursday Storytime
Fun Day Friday
- Send your jokes & riddles to Ms. Jean & Gilly

For updates, please visit the Mitchell Public Library Facebook Page.