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James Valley Community Center (JVCC)

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JVCC Rental Agreement (PDF)

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The JVCC is a City of Mitchell facility dedicated to the enjoyment of the senior population for Mitchell's and surrounding community citizens. The JVCC houses the city offices of Palace TransitRSVP, and Senior Meals, as well as the Mitchell Senior Citizens, Inc. 

The JVCC is available to be rented out to the public during business and non business hours. Members receive a discounted rental rate.

To rent the JVCC contact Jacki Larson at 605-995-8048 or


  1. Conference Room - JVCC

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  2. Deli Area - JVCC

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  3. General Purpose Room - JVCC

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  4. North Activity Room - JVCC

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  5. Sun Room - JVCC

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