City Facilities

  1. Activities Center - Ice Rinks

    Mitchell Activities Center is a regulation indoor hockey arena (Home of the Mitchell Marlins), with open skate hours for pleasure skating.

  2. Aquatics Center

    The Mitchell Outdoor Aquatic Center provides quality recreational swimming experiences for all ages in Mitchell and the surrounding communities.

  3. City Parks

    Take some time to enjoy the city parks Mitchell has to offer.

  4. Community Garden

    Show off your green thumb in the Mitchell Area Community Garden.

  5. James Valley Community Center (JVCC)

    The JVCC is a City of Mitchell facility dedicated to the enjoyment of the senior population for Mitchell's and surrounding community citizens.

  6. Recreation Center

    The Recreation Center provides memberships ranging from monthly to annual for youth, couples, family, and seniors.

  7. Sports Complexes

    Spend some time at the sports complexes available in Mitchell.